How I Work

How I Work

One of the first questions I usually get asked is ‘how long will it take to get to #1′ to which the answer is always..’well, it depends!’

The problem with SEO is that its not an exact science. There are literally thousands of variables to consider when planning an SEO campaign and sometimes seemingly strange and random factors make it almost impossible to give an accurate estimate of the time and costs involved.

However, I believe that just because SEO is a complicated process doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t follow a structured approach and work to milestones.

SEO – Art or Science

Effective SEO is a mixture of art and science. Each case is different which is why so many SEO companies find it difficult to be public about their pricing structure. However, by following a regular framework, I have proven time and time again that it is possible to achieve rock solid rankings for a fixed monthly cost. I believe that my record speaks for itself and is the reason why I retain many of my customers on an on-going basis.

coffeeThe first step is the most important

Its where we get to know each other and where we get a chance to understand and share your goals and requirements. If you are located in or around Aberdeen then I always prefer to carry this out face to face (preferably over a nice coffee) , but if that’s not possible then we can set up conference calling using Skype or even screen sharing sessions.

During this stage I aim to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of your business and the goal(s) you hope to achieve
  • Make you fully aware of all the stages involved and what to expect during each one
  • Address any queries or concerns that you might have

bigstock_Graph_analysis_11233205Once the aims and objectives have been outlined, I need to find out the best way to achieve them and, most of the time, this boils down to good, solid keyword research. Keyword research is one of the most important tasks in any SEO campaign, so I like to take my time with this and do thorough analysis.

After the initial phase, I take your keyword ideas and check out how viable they are based on search volumes, competition levels and commercial interest. I also expand the initial keyword ideas to find related keywords that receive a decent number of searches every month that we can target. By going after these so-called ‘long-tails’ its possible to build up traffic quickly.

Each keyword is analysed on several performance indicators and many are discarded along the way. Over the process, the master list is refined down to a set of tightly focused keyword phrases that I will focus my efforts on.

effective-performance-appraisal-systemOnce we have agreed on the keywords for your campaign I then appraise the suitability of your website and decide what action, if any, needs to be taken. This is termed on-site or on-page SEO:

  • I carry out a comprehensive ‘hands on’ review
  • I produce a detailed document outlining the changes that I recommend for the website
  • I advise on, or carry out these changes if appropriate

planning_glassboardNext up, its time to analyse the competition and devise a plan to take them off the top spot!

I analyse the top 10 websites for each keyword. I look at their link structure and mix, keyword focus and even the on-site optimisation techniques in use. I look other factors such as how long they have held the top spot, whether they are an ?authority? site and much more to basically determine how easy (or hard) I think it will be to out-rank them. If I don?t think they can be beaten within your budget or time-constraints then I will tell you so ? this leaves you free to spend your time and money chasing rankings that are achievable ? and that means a better outcome for both of us!

We then discuss the various SEO strategies based on the strength of the competition and the keyword that you hope to rank for before finally agreeing on a strategy that suits your needs and adheres to my code of conduct

white_hatThe next step is to embark on a sustained program of organic, white hat link building. White hat techniques are those that will not get you penalised by the search engines (not the best description but good enough) and they are the only kind I do!

The aims of this stage are:

  • Creation of high quality content to promote linking to the main site
  • Devise a link building schedule with measurable milestones
  • Increase Page Rank and domain authority

Finally, I get down to the business of building various types of links including, but not limited to: blogs, forums, directories, articles directories, web 2.0 properties, social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. This is often referred to as off-site or off-page SEO.

200px-Radar2I like to keep track of how well things are going and I’m sure you do too. That’s why, every month I:

  • Track the rankings of the website on the major search engines for the chosen keyword phrases
  • E-mail you a detailed report showing rank progress and any recommendations I might have to help you improve the performance of the campaign
  • I maintain contact with you, face to face if necessary, to review progress and discuss what happens next.
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