Link Building

Good quality backlinks from niche related websites
are still the number one ranking factor in Google, Bing
and most other search engines. By building backlinks steadily
and using the correct mix of anchor text,
your rankings will improve and your organic
search engine traffic will increase.

Why Link Building Is So Important

Build Rankings

Each link counts like a vote for your website. The more good quality links – the better your rankings.

Build Authority

Get good quality links and build trust with the search engines helping your content to rank quicker and higher.

Drive Traffic

Links from quality websites will bring vistors from those sites as well as from the search engines.

Professional Link Building

Professional link building forms the backbone of every successful SEO campaign because, in the eyes of the search engines, the popularity of your site is still mainly determined by the number and quality of sites that link back to you.

Search engine algorithms are incredibly complex these days, but no matter how many factors they into account, the stated intent of every search engine is to return the most relevant results for its users search queries. Its a great testament to the effectiveness of search engines like Google that nearly 95% of us never go beyond the front page.

However, by building high quality, relevant links to your content, you can convince the search engines that they should sit up and take notice of you! A well executed link building campaign, combined with solid on-page SEO, will soon improve your rankings and start to bring in potential customers.

The bad news is that building these kinds of links is time consuming and tricky; you have to know where to get them, what makes a good link and how to make them get noticed by the search engines! However, the good news is that I have been building these kinds of links for years now, and helping businesses just like yours to improve their rankings and generate more money. Whats more, because I always adhere to Google’s strict quality guidelines, my customers sites haven’t been adversely affected by any of the recent large Google updates. In fact, many of them have seen dramatic improvements, and thats why I pride myself on my rock solid rankings!

Of course, as well as giving you high quality backlinks, this syndicated content will also bring traffic to your website as well, so it really is a win-win approach.

One word of caution, though. Organic SEO and link building are long term practices. Depending on the strength of your competition, how much existing authority your site has and even what you have done in the past, I still recommend that you set aside at least 3 months for a simple campaign and as much as 12 months or even more for competitive keywords.

link_building_iconInbound links, backlinks, in-links or just plain old links, whatever you want to call them, links coming from other websites into your website basically count as votes (or a thumbs up if you prefer).

In very simple terms, the more links that you have and the better quality they are, the higher your search engine rankings will be. Backlinks should be gained naturally. I build links that look natural and last for a very long time. By building these kinds of links, your website will rank well for your chosen search terms for months or even years.

system-helpOf course you can also build links yourself. For example, ask suppliers for a link from their website, ask your customers to link to you if they have their own blog or just spend some time and leave a few well written and on-topic guest posts at any of the thousands of blogs that encourage people to contribute.

In fact, there are load of ways to build links – you can even check out some of my tutorials here – and I always encourage my customers to spend some time promoting their business – after all every link counts and in the long run your efforts will be rewarded.

Of course, if you don’t have the time to build your own links then why not

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app_medical_iconA link basically has 2 main components – the URL and the anchor text. The anchor text is the actual text that appears in blue (on most browsers) as shown below:

The anchor text is used by the search engines to determine what the content of the page being linked to is about. So, if you want to rank for a keyword then include it in your anchor text.

Penguin Update

A recent Google update called Penguin penalised websites which had too many links with the exact same anchor text. I always take great care to make sure that your link profile looks natural and you should always try and mix up your anchor text whenever you build your own links to avoid any over-optimsation penalties. If you would like to avoid the Penguin and get rock solid rankings then

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Where Do I Get Links?

I use a wide range of link building techniques including

  • Privately owned authority sites
  • Wikis
  • Article Directories
  • Web 2.0 Sites
  • High Quality Link Directories
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social media Services
  • Video Sharing Sites
  • and many others…

Why Build Links?

Links are like a vote of confidence for your website and its content. By building links from high quality, related websites you will get better rankings and more visitors

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