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mobile SEOAlthough many people think they are one and the same, the search engines actually use different bots and algorithms for mobile search compared to the traditional organic search listings. This can cause some problems if your website is not optimised for the mobile web. The bots interpret your website as if it was being viewed on a mobile phone and rank it according to how well it renders on the device in question. Surprisingly, Google has even gone a stage further and its bots can tell what your site will look like on different phones, tablets and even OS’s. I have even seen cases where different handsets return different search results depending how well Google believes they are optimised for that device. That’s why its vital your website is properly optimised for the mobile web, especially if you are a retail business, pub, restaurant or other outlet that replies on people coming through your door.

There are now 5.9 BILLION mobile subscribers worldwide – and they are all looking for your website!

How Can I Help?

Whether your website is in need of a complete redevelopment or whether you just need it to be a bit more mobile-friendly, Granite SEO can help. As new services such as Google Mobile, Live search mobile and many more are being introduced – and used – a growing number of businesses are starting to understand and tap into the power of this emerging new market. These forward looking businesses are developing new sites specifically for mobile applications and also optimising their existing sites for mobile search providers – and they are reaping the rewards of doing this. Of course, just like desktop search, optimising your website for mobile devices is just the start. Your website then needs to be promoted, and, once again, this is something I can help with.

Here at Granite SEO, I understand the demands of this rapidly changing technology.

Why Mobile?

  • 73% of mobile searches trigger a further user action
  • 28% of mobile searches result in a sale!!
  • 45% of mobile searches are goal-oriented
  • In 2012 Google said that 50% of mobile searches are for local places of interest

This means that nearly 50% of mobile users are ready to buy from your business if your Google+ Local profile imporeses them

Can you still afford to ignore this!

How I Do Mobile SEO

I have developed a range of new mobile SEO packages that are already proving very popular with my existing customers. Because I believe that mobile SEO is one of the most important investments for businesses today, I want to make sure that all of my potential clients understand what it can do for them and how mobile SEO can bring new customers and increase sales.

I start by taking a look at your existing website and recommending ways in which it can be improved for the mobile web. This may involve a complete re-design, some tweaks or even setting up a new mobile-optimised domain. Whatever the recommendations are though, I’ll make sure that your mobile website looks great, performs well and is easy to find no matter which devices your customers are using.

I make sure that mobile visitors are automatically shown the version of your website that is best suited to their device and I also ensure that mobile web visitors are always forwarded to the mobile website.

What Does Mobile SEO Involve?

  • The immediate location of the user is central to the mobile search experience so I will ensure that your business is easily identifiable within your local area
  • Because of smaller screens and character restrictions, I usually need to optimise your site for mobile-specific search terms
  • I can help you make the most of predictive search. This technology speeds up the mobile process and has changed the way users find information. Positioning your brand is placed within the relevant predictive search categories is now vital for search success.
  • I will help you iron out any cross-platform inconsistencies so that your site looks good across different browsers, operating systems and mobile hardware
  • I can standardize the design of your site so that it conforms to the presentation standards of each provider
  • I can submit your site to business listings and directories to improve your exposure
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