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Press releases offer a way to get a boatload of high quality backlinks for a single fee.

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Press Releases

Press release sites are some of the highest quality websites on the internet and Google loves them! They are read by large numbers of people, especially in the business world, and the content they feature is usuallu syndicated widely around the net. This brings in tons of traffic and also builds high quality back links to your website without any extra effort on your part.

Of course, all of this helps your website to climb the search engine rankings. Because Google consideres these to be high quality (and often moderated) sites with a high trust factor, its also quite common to see press releases ranking on the front page in their own right.

Although this marketing method is sometimes considered to be ‘traditional’, the concept of running press releases is definitely not outdated. In fact, press releases still remain a crucial element within any marketing campaign, be it online or offline.

In traditional marketing circles, releasing a statement to the media ensures that it is picked up by a large number of other news outlets, many of which deliver your news or story directly to their readers. Submitting press releases online has the same effect,so, when I distribute your content to the web’s most influential Press Release sites, it ensures that your story reaches the largest possible audience.

This kind of publicity is absolutely invaluable given the relatively low cost compared to some other methods of content distribution. This is why more and more companies are enquiring about my professional press release writing and distribution services.

Press Release Service

I understand what it takes to get new published and I work closely with professional copywriters to make your company’s press release look and feel newsworthy.

I have access to some of the most powerful Press Release sites on the internet – and I know how to use them to maximum effect.

I work closely with you, or your advertising department, to make sure your press releases are getting the right message across.

I always get full approval before releasing your news story, especially time critical and business-sensitive information.

I track and report on the progress of your Press Release campaign

Why Let Granite SEO Create Your Press Releases?

For more information about any of my press release services, or to find out how I can help you to increase your exposure online, please get in touch today on 01224 515365.

If you are looking for a Press Release service that’s efficient yet still offers great value for money then I can offer you a quote based on your exact requirements, which means you?ll be guaranteed the best results possible, no matter what your budget is.

In short, you only pay for the press releases you need and won’t be charged for any extras once the work is underway.

I can also talk to you about combining my press release writing service with any one of my other content creation and SEO services, such as blog writing and web copywriting.

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