Quality Link Building – Its The ‘Secret Sauce’ Of SEO

Most people understand the importance of good, high quality original content to your web sites success in the search engine rankings. However, even many seasoned internet marketers don’t appreciate that relevant, contextual and high quality back links form an even more important part of the search engine rankings today than content does.

Link building has evolved into something akin to an art form where many SEO specialists are concerned but essentially it’s a simple process. Just search out a website that is relevant to yours, provide some content and a link to your site with relevant anchor text and get the website owner to publish it and your done. If the website happens to be a high page rank or termed an authority site in your niche then the link will carry more weight. Over time, the sites with the highest number of links essentially rise to the top of the search engine rankings for given keywords.

Now that sounds fine but you may have spotted the problem in this seemingly simple process. How do you find high page rank , relevant sites to publish your content on to , and how do you get this content approved to give you the back links that you so crave? Well, that is really what puts many people off doing link building; they just don’t know where to start.

Article marketing is a great way to start link building. Just write some short 400-500 word keyword focused articles and post them to any of the thousands of free article directories that are to be found. You can embed a keyword related anchor text link back to your site that will score highly with the major search engines. The biggest directories also have high page rank which further enhancs the value of the link. Well written articles can also generate thousands of site visits on their own as many of the article directories also get a lot of traffic.

Social bookmarking is the next way to get good, high quality back links. There are hundreds of high page rank sites which you can supply your links to, and posting to them takes only a few minutes each. The trick here is to try and get your site voted onto the front page. Then you will get an immense stream of traffic that can, quite literally, bring your server to a standstill.

Finally, we have directory submission. It’s possible to search Google for relevant directories on which to place your website link. This method of link building is becoming less popular as Google tends not to favour paid links, and many link directories now charge for you to have an entry. Nevertheless it is still a very effective and quick way to get relevant back links from these high page rank sites.

Effective SEO doesn’t need to be time consuming or expensive if you learn the tricks of the trade. Never lose sight of the fact that high quality content is still important to your sites success but learn how to do effective link building and you will really see your website power its way up the search engine rankings.

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