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SEO Audits

My comprehensive SEO audits identify potential issues with your website that may be preventing it from achieving top rankings. Its vital to correctly address the underlying cause of these problems rather than just blindly building links in the vain hope that this will, somehow, improve your search engine rankings.

It also follows that a nice looking website is no guarantee of good rankings (or conversions for that matter) and thats why I will take a detailed look under the bonnet to try and understand whats going wrong.

Some of this stuff can be quite (actually very) teccie, so I always try to package my findings into a clear and easy to understand report that can be used to help you draw up a plan to fix the problems and get your rankings back.

Why Audit Your Site?

Poor search engine rankings can sometimes be down to the way that your website is built. By giving your website a full SEO audit I will help you to gain a much clearer picture of where the problems lie and how you can go about fixing them to restore your site back to its rightful position in the SERPS.

Why Do I Need An SEO Audit?

There are many benefits to be gained by performing a thorough SEO audit. First of all, it can ensure that your website complies with a number of industry standards, most notably W3C. By ensuring these standards are met I can then ensure that your site is accessible, fully functional and can be accurately crawled by the search engine robots.

Most webmasters are rightly proud of their sites, but I see many examples which look great – and even perform reasonably well – but which suffer from serious underlying problems that lead to penalties with a resultant drop in traffic, leads and sales. Its amazing how effective a fresh perspective can be as well as an impartial and un-emotive opinion.

After I finish the assessment of your site and have compiled your report, I go on to provide expert recommendations that will improve your site’s performance both immediately and into the future.

My Audits Cover The Following

    • pointerOptimise Meta-Data
    • Develop Quality Content
    • Fix Coding issues
    • Detect/Fix Broken links
    • W3C Compliance Checking
    • Check Backlink Profile
    • Robots.txt Errors
    • Circular Linking Issues
    • Inaccessible Pages
    • Page Load Times

Dont be left in the dark over whats causing your poor rankings. With a full audit you will uncover the problems that are holding your site back

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