Social Media Marketing

The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

The real problem with social media is that it can be hard to make it work well for you, and sometimes, if you get it wrong, you don’t get a second chance! Its also time consuming, and difficult to keep abreast of the technology, the terminology and the latest trends sweeping the internet. Thats why I have put together a range of services for businesses wanting to develop an online social media presence.

Social media enables you to connect directly with your customer base, often in real time. Its a very informal environment which can create problems as well as opportunities, but if its handled correctly it can be a great way to gain reputation, get sales and keep your existing clients happy.

Millions of people log on to and use social networking sites every day so forward-looking businesses cannot afford to miss out on the marketing opportunity of a lifetime.


Professional Support

Connect With Your Customers

I can show you how to connect effectively with existing customers and how to attract new ones

Brand Identity

I can help you establish a consistent, recognisable brand identity across all the major social media platforms.

Great Ideas

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Social Media – You Can’t Ignore It

Social media is all about connecting with other people and exchanging ideas, opinions and even the odd joke or two. If people like what you say, if they find it interesting and engaging then your content could be distributed virally across the internet reaching millions of potential customers for no cost.

Social Signals are now important for ranking! As you tweet, like, post or whatever, you could also be gaining valuable backlinks, which actually help your organic search engine listings. Google now takes things such as Twitter followers, Facebook likes and, of course, Google+ mentions into account when deciding where to place your bsuiness in its search engine rankings. Although its not a huge factor (yet), the tide is starting to shift and its becoming much more important than it was before.

So, now is a great time to start building a following…. if you haven’t already started that is!

Of course, you also need to tread carefully in order to avoid making the mistakes that could damage their reputation forever. Managing all of your social media also requires time, energy and a even a bit of innovative thinking; unfortunately it doesnt just happen by itself.

I can help you to set up, maintain and expand your social media profiles on all of the main services.

How Does This Work?

After the initial consultation, I will get to work creating brand related profiles that can be integrated into your existing website.

After everything is set up, I will start to build your following by interacting with your consumers on your behalf. I can collecting feedback and schedule relevant, pre-approved if necessary, posts and updates expand your follower base and promote the image of your business.

Depending on your technical ability, willingness to participate and, of course your budget I can work hand in hand with you or offer a completely hands-off service. Its up to you.

I also offer a range of social media training options if you would rather learn how to do it all yourself. I can teach you, or your marketing team how to use all the major networks and how to implement your social media marketing strategy effectively.

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Time To Get Social

Dont leave social media marketing to chance. Let me help you connect with your customers and drive sales.