Video SEO

Why Video SEO?

YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the net – after Google (which owns it!). The numbers are just mind boggling – for example did you know that

  • 60 hours of video is uploaded every MINUTE
  • YouTube gets 4 BILLION views per day
  • and 800 MILLION unique views/month

Of course, with this kind of audience, getting your message out to a huge number has never been easier, or cheaper.

YouTube is also a fantastic social marketing platform and , if you use it correctly, your video can go viral and gain millions of hits. Google also loves video and the ‘blended search‘ – where Google shows rich media such as video as well as maps, images and organic listings –  has made it even easier to get your message heard.

The great thing about YouTube is also that it doesn’t matter how good (or bad) your production values are – as long as the content is right. DIY videos shot with a camcorder are every bit as likely to go viral as expensive corporate videos, and can gain millions of hits in a few days (or even hours).

Consumers really like video, especially instructional videos, for instance showing how to install a shower screen or get rid of a wasps nest. By sharing some of your knowledge, you will usually be rewarded with traffic to your website and visitors will also consider you an authority figure in your field leading to more sales.

How To Rank #1 On Google

What Is Video SEO?

Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Video

With so much content now available on YouTube, the real challenge is getting your video noticed. Over the past 4 years, I have had a lot of success ranking videos both within YouTube and in the organic SERPS.

Video SEO is an essential investment for companies who regularly produce video-based advertising campaigns and who have seen a considerable level of interest in their company as a result of this kind of promotional activity.

Dont let your expensive video go un-noticed. With my help you can make it do what it was intended to – and bring you customers.

Why Invest In Video SEO?

Like organic SEO, video SEO has one main purpose – to get your content found. Here are just some of the techniques I can apply to make sure that your video doesnt become an expnsive waste of time and effort.

  • I can increase your videos visibility within the YouTube search engine and tap into YouTube’s huge traffic potential
  • I can make your video rank well in the organic SERPs and bring targeted search engine traffic
  • Your video wont just peak and then disappear – I can get you long-term rankings – and long term traffic
  • You can buy these services as stand alone packages or as part of a full-service SEO campaign
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