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seotrainFirst and foremost I am an experienced SEO consultant who specialises in obtaining top organic search listings for my clients. I don’t offer quick fixes or ‘guarantees’ of 1st page rankings because I know that these guarantees are impossible to deliver – no matter what anyone says! Instead, all of my SEO strategies are designed to deliver sustainable, long term results and I always use Google approved SEO practices.

Its my firm belief that good SEO practices are vital to the success of your website and its never too late (or too early!) to start implementing them. So, whether you are starting out and looking to develop a web presence, or if you are already established but you need more traffic to your site, I can put together a campaign that will deliver results.

Some Of My Services

Link building is a very misunderstood part of SEO. Although the concept behind it can be very easily explained, like so many things the devil is in the detail! Effective link building involves knowing what works, and more importantly, knowing what doesn’t. Poor quality link building can actually harm your web site’s rankings and,in extreme cases, it can even cause your site to be dropped from the search engine index altogether.

I have been delivering successful SEO campaigns for several years now and I am a very experienced link builder. Thats why I can provide you with a range of packages to suit your needs and budget.

For larger projects I have access to a team of dedicated link builders who will work under my expert guidance, meaning that you can benefit from my expertise while still enjoying a scaleable capacity that will deliver solid results no matter how competitive the keywords you choose or which sector you are working in.

Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing is a constantly changing battlefield and I have always been committed to staying at the very forefront of the current technologies and trends. Over the years I have invested a whole load of time and effort keeping up with the latest developments and, because of this, I am able to provide you with the very best SEO, Pay Per Click and Analytics training & consultancy at a price that wont make your eyes bleed!

I also offer a range of training and consultancy services ranging from individual one-to-one sessions right through to corporate seminars. I can also make use of the very latest web-based technologies to enable remote training or, if you prefer, we can still get together in the good old fashioned way ? face to face! Whatever your requirements, I can guarantee that Granite SEO will offer you, or your clients, a comprehensive and professional service.

Do you want a beautiful website that also ranks well in the search engines? Well, through my sister company Granitewebdesigns.biz, I can deliver low cost, beautiful, template driven websites that feature a world class content management system (CMS) and industrial strength web hosting as standard.

Even if you are on a tight budget, I can still deliver a fully loaded website complete with a range of functionality that is normally reserved for high end (and expensive) web projects.

To enable this , I use two of the most respected and widely used content management systems -(CMS’s) – Joomla and WordPress. You can even have industry-strength hosting and custom developed functionality if thats what you need. Check out SEO web design service for more information.

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