What I Wont Do

I Believe In Ethical SEO

Helping my customers achieve online success is my number one aim but, unlike some unscrupulous SEO companies, I don’t believe that success should be obtained at any cost. Its not all about me getting a sale. I will always be up front on what I believe your chances success are, and I will never, ever use dubious methods that are likely to hurt your website, your business or your reputation. In order to protect my existing clients there are also standards that I set for the kinds of customers I will work with, and the kinds of websites and businesses that I promote.

What I Dont Do

Ethics are very important to me so here are some kinds sites I won’t work with:

  • Extremist Sitesstopman
  • Bashing or Hatred Sites
  • Weapons Sites
  • Drugs (including Pharma)
  • Child Pornography
  • Terrorism
  • Sites Which Violate The Laws Of The UK/US

So Please Don’t Ask!

My Promises To You

I Won't Set Unrealistic Expectations

I have been told that I am one of the most honest and straight forward SEO consultants around; something that I am very proud of.

Although I believe that I am capable of delivering great results (and I have a solid track record to prove this – check out some of my happy clients) I will never over-promise or set unrealistic expectations. If I don?t think that you can rank for a particular keyword or phrase within your budget I will simply say so.

I believe that good business is nurtured and achieved in a long term relationship which is built upon trust, integrity and honesty. My aim is always to build solid, long term, mutually beneficial relationships with my clients and not just try and sell them another round of SEO.

Your Private Data Is Safe

Your privacy is just as important to me as it is to you. I will never share any information or data of any past or current client with anyone, ever, full stop (get the point!).

I will not rent, sell, or disclose your details to third party companies such as those involved in marketing or e-mail services and I always seek your approval for placing my link on your website or for using a testimonial. I appreciate that you may not want your competitors to find out that you have doing SEO, and that?s fine with me.

I Wont Work Against You

I Will Not Engage With Another Client In Your Market Sector While I Am Working With You

As it says, if you employ me, then I work for you, not against you. The business world, and the internet in general, is a big place and I believe that it would be totally unfair to both parties if I were to play one customer off against the other. Ethics are very important to me and I would never engage in activities which would be deemed to be a conflict of interest. Just ask my existing clients.

National Salvage Group

We have been working with Granite SEO for over 8 months now and have seen a remarkable improvement in our rankings.Our organic search traffic has increased from almost 0 to over 2000 hits/day and continues to grow. Sign-ups have increased and we have stopped our monthly PPC spend which has more than offset the cost of the SEO campaign.

We are really happy with the service and results and would have no hesitation in recommending Granite SEO.

Malcolm McGee
Account Director
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